King Of Hammer

Rental Duration

  • For event short period rental only
  • Calculation based on per day rate

What’s Included

  • 1 x King Of Hammer Machine
  • 1 x Red Rubber Hammer
  • Free mode / 100 tokens will be provided for each machine

Optional Add-Ons

  • Game coordinators: RM200.00 per head/day (Maximum 10 hours working hours, with 2 breaks)
  • Re-branding, Machine Printing & Wrapping: RM650.00 per unit

Product Information


The “King of Hammer” machine is a classic arcade game that is designed to test your strength and hammering skills. It typically consists of a large, sturdy cabinet with a vertical panel at the front. The panel has a target area and is equipped with a sensor to measure the force of impact.

Test your strength with mechanical ride rentals high strike! This attraction will bring out the strongest guests in your event to see who can strike the highest and ring the bell of victory – That’s the old model. Step right up and have a go at the arcade King of Hammer or in the past time we called it Hi-Striker! The stronger you knock, the higher the light and the score shoots up! Compete with your friends and release your stress now!


  • With an eye-catching appearance with the LED light bar.
  • Metal solid based platform, metal cabinet, firm and durable.
  • Two stages game mode with a total high scores.
  • Adjustable difficulty level for scoring.
  • It is easy and fast to assemble and install for any event use.


How to play?
  1. Free mode / Token to activated the machine.
  2. To play the game, you grab hold of a rubber mallet or hammer provided by the machine. Your objective is to strike the target area with as much force as possible. The harder you hit, the higher your score will be.
  3. Each player have 2 chances in a round, accumulate the total score of the two times hit.
  4. The minimum score is 140 whereby the maximum could reach up to 999.
What is the size of the machine?

W650mm x L900mm x H2400mm

What is the required power assumption?

13amps, AC220V50 / 60HZ, 2925W

Do we allow to do re-branding on the machine?

Yes, please revert the Final Artwork in AI or PDF to our sales agent after creatives done applied.

What if there’s missing or broken tokens after the rental?

It will be charge RM0.50 per unit.

Do you send the machine to the states other than Klang Valley?

Yes. For Outstation – Accommodation, petrol and meal allowance are not included in the charges.

How much will be charge for Transportation / Round Trip / Set Up and Dismantle?

3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Klang Valley: RM800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Northern / Southern: RM1,800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to East Coast: RM2,500.00 per return