MOTOGP™ Motorbike Racing Arcade Simulator

Rental Duration

  • For event short period rental only
  • Calculation based on per day rate

What’s Included

  • 1 x MotoGP Motorcycle Racing Arcade
  • Free mode / 100 tokens will be provided for each machine

Optional Add-Ons

  • Game coordinators: RM200.00 per head/day (Maximum 10 hours working hours, with 2 breaks)

Product Information


The official licensed MotoGP ™ motorcycle simulator arcade game with authentic “MotoGP-style” motorcycle mounts!

MotoGP ™ marks the first racing game effort by arcade development powerhouse Play Mechanix (Big Buck Hunter, Aliens Armageddon, Terminator Salvation, etc.) after years of light-gun and redemption game creation. MotoGP rises above other motorcycle racing games on the market by providing a more realistic take on racing. This includes three (3) difficulty levels – Novice, Normal and Pro – which adjust the physics and the handling of the bikes from more arcade style towards more simulator style. Authentic MotoGP racing courses have been carefully recreated for this game and is enhanced by the bike controllers that the player swivels on to hug those many turns.

The MotoGP ™ displays the video motorcycle racing gameplay on a stunning 42” HD LCD Display.


  • Officially licensed MotoGP ™ product.
  • Lean into turns on an authentic MotoGP ™ motorcycle.
  • Front facing camera puts you and your friends in the game.
  • Local and online multiplayer for up to 8 riders.
  • Front mounted fan simulates wind.
  • Stunning HD display.
  • Faithful recreations of famous MotoGP ™ circuits from around the world.
  • 3 difficulty levels Novice, Normal and Pro.


How to play?
  1. Step up to the simulator and take a seat on the motorcycle seat. Grip the handlebars firmly as you would on a real motorcycle. Adjust your position and grip to ensure you’re comfortable and in control.
  2. Look for the control panel located near the handlebars. It will have buttons, triggers, or switches for various functions such as acceleration, braking, shifting gears, and activating special features. Take a moment to understand the layout and function of these controls.
  3. Once you’re seated and ready, press the start button or follow the on-screen prompts to begin the game. The large screen will display the race track from the perspective of a rider on a motorcycle.
  4. Use the controls on the handlebars to accelerate and brake. Gently twist the throttle to accelerate the virtual motorcycle and pull the brake lever to slow down or stop. Practice modulating your speed for smooth cornering and overtaking opponents.
  5. The simulator is designed to simulate the leaning motion of a motorcycle when turning. As you approach a turn, tilt your body and the handlebars in the direction of the turn to lean into it. This will help you navigate corners effectively and maintain control.
  6. Avoid colliding with opponents, barriers, or other obstacles on the track. Crashes can slow you down and cost you valuable time in the race.
  7. Once the race is over, the simulator will display your race time, position, and other performance metrics. Use this information to assess your performance and identify areas for improvement.
What is the size of the machine?

Assembled Cabinet Dimensions
Weight Assembled: ~700 lbs
Height – 83” (211cm)
Width – 43” (109cm)
Depth – 83” (211cm)

An estimate of the duration for each track?

Around 3-4 mins per race depending on track selection.

Is there a possibility of connecting both machines for a simultaneous race?

Yes, it’s can be connected & race with friends up to 8 players.

What is the required power assumption?

240 VAC @ 50 Hz, 2.5 amps

Do you send the machine to the states other than Klang Valley?

Yes. For Outstation – Accommodation, petrol and meal allowance are not included in the charges.

How much will be charge for Transportation / Round Trip / Set Up and Dismantle?

3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Klang Valley: RM800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Northern / Southern: RM1,800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to East Coast: RM2,500.00 per return