Indoor Flip 3 in 1 Billiards Multi Function Game Table

Rental Duration

  • For event short period rental only
  • Calculation based on per day rate

What’s Included

  • 1 x Indoor Flip 3 in 1 Billiards Multi Function Game Table
  • Pool Table: 2 x Cue 57″, 1 x  Set of Pools 2″, 1 x Triangle, 2 x Chalks, 1 x Brush
  • Table Tennis Table: 2 x Table Tennis Bats & Balls, 1 x Table Tennis Net
  • Air Hockey Table: 4 x Air Hockey Pucks & Pushers
  • 1 x Extensions (if needed)

Optional Add-Ons

  • Game coordinators: RM200.00 per head/day (Maximum 10 hours working hours, with 2 breaks)

Product Information


Three different sports activities that could fit for any of your events, parties, carnival or meeting. Pool table come with 2 pool cues, a set of pool balls, and its chalk.

The 7ft Revolver Pool, Air Hockey & Table Tennis allows you to have a full size MDF pool table and a full size air hockey table in your games area plus the smaller table tennis table without using up all your valuable room space! The multi-game table simply flips over 180 degrees to reveal either a 7ft pool table or a 7ft air hockey table and just put the table tennis on top. The easy to rotate mechanism has been designed so it can be carried out by just one person unlike many other similar tables on the market. The pool table cabinet can be easily kept clean with a damp cloth. Also featuring drop pockets, the pool balls simply collect in the pockets.


  • Multi Game Table features 3 different games: Pool table, Air Hockey Table and Table Tennis Table
  • Swivel design allows for quick and easy game changes
  • By flipping the Table Tennis Table Top, it becomes a Dinning Table Top
  • Built-in storage space for storing accessories – All accessories includes.
  • Air Hockey With Electric


How to play?

Unique quick & easy game change – lever system takes seconds to change from one game to another. So simple that just one person can do it on their own! – with its “ice white” shiny playing surface and hockey field markings, and powered by an electronic powerful fan which blasts out jets of air which create a fantastic cushion of air, so the pucks can fly around the table. Also fitted with score counters so you can keep track of the score, and supplied with 6 pucks and 4 strikers. When a goal is scored, the puck smartly drops through the internal chute and sits in the puck return section behind each goal.

What is the size of the machine?

82.5″ x 40.5″ x 31″

What is the required power assumption?

13amps, AC220V50 / 60HZ, 2925W

What if there’s missing or broken tokens after the rental?

It will be charge RM0.50 per unit.

Do you send the machine to the states other than Klang Valley?

Yes. For Outstation – Accommodation, petrol and meal allowance are not included in the charges.

How much will be charge for Transportation / Round Trip / Set Up and Dismantle?

3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Klang Valley: RM800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to Northern / Southern: RM1,800.00 per return
3 Tonne Hydraulic Lorry to East Coast: RM2,500.00 per return